Fit Boots X-bound Pink/Black

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You’ve heard about runner’s high. Just wait ‘til you soak up the feel-good vibes of bouncing around in Fit Boots.

Our easy-to-use rebounding boots or bounce boots help you see results faster and make it fun to move your body. Simply strap them on and begin any aerobic workout. Instead of trudging up the hill, turn every step into a party-palooza of bouncing excitement. Burn up to 25% more calories than a regular workout alone and have a blast doing it too while you are protecting your joints.

Rebounding will naturally become a part of your life because it’s so much fun.

A Fit Boots workout gets your heart pumping AND engages all your major muscle groups so you get a great training sesh in less time.

Fit Boots X-bound Pink/Black is the standard unisex bounce boot model, for adults between 70-200 lbs (32-90 kg). It is also suitable for teens in this weight range.

  • Premium Quality Rebound Boots
  • Elevated Rebound Experience
  • MyFit Liners have PU leather ankle for maximum comfort, lower volume material to let your feet breathe and 4 way stretchable toe to fit 3 shoes sizes.
  • Durable buckle system should make it easy to find a fit that feels snug and comfortable.
  • A longer life span
  • Every part is replaceable
  • Lining on blades (shells) to make them more durable
  • All spare parts are compatible with KJ boots or any other rebound boots brand (except the soles )

Additional information

Weight 4,5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 35 × 12 cm


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4 reviews for Fit Boots X-bound Pink/Black

  1. Daniela

    Great bounce feeling. Much bouncier than my previous KJ boots

  2. Ramona

    I absolutely love these boots. ‘Evolution’ and customer satisfaction seem to be the motto of this brand!

  3. Leticia Hass Sanchez

    Amo mis botas, me encanta que se sienten muy ligeras y que el rebote es mucho mas comodo que las otras marcas.

  4. Karina Gomez

    Fue una muy buena decision comenzar a ejercitarme con estas botas! Me encanta como se siente el rebote ademas de que amo como se ven!

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