Yes all our boots are unisex.

You can use them on any surface that you would use your running shoes on. No slush and no ice.

You have to be more careful on gravel and grass. The harder the surface, the more rebound you will get.

Hardwood floor is best for indoor, but carpet works as well. Cement is best for outdoors, but even grass, sand, or gravel works (just be more careful)

Please contact us, we would be more than happy to assist you to find the perfect pair for you.

Rebounding is a full body workout. Actually every cell of your body is exercising.

It tones your body, but will not make you bulky.

It might be because they are brand new, and when they are brand new, we need to break them in by jumping on them as hard as you can for a few minutes. The more you use them, the softer they will become. Until a point that you feel that they are too soft, and you need to change the elastic bands.

Also by cutting one or more of the elastic bands, you can compress the boots easier, so they become more bouncy.

Yes, we have a subscription program where you find tons of online classes.

You can participate in our Online Instructor Training Program, or Live in-person training to learn everything you need to become a successful instructor.
Practice, Theory and Business.

Our boots last a long time, just like inline skates or ice skates.

Yes. The lower part has 3 months warranty and the upper part has 1 year warranty.

You have 14 days from the date you receive the product to change your mind for a full refund or exchange.

The boots need to be in original condition, so just try them in your house please

Yes, definitely. Actually one of the main uses of rebound boots is jogging/running.

Yes. We recommend them from age 6 and up.

Usually kids don’t have the coordination and balance to be good with them under age 6, and our smallest size is size 1.

There are tremendous benefits. You burn more calories, reduce the impact from your joints, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and have much more fun!

Yes, we have boots for up to 350 lbs.

Fit Boots are about 4 lbs each boot. So imagine you are exercising with extra weight on your leg, that makes a big difference for your weight loss.

Also when you rebound, you work against gravity. Therefore you are putting more energy into your workout, so you burn more calories.

You can find the closest instructor near you in the Find Instructor session of our website. If you still don’t find any close to you, contact us.

Yes, you are encouraged to do so, as your clients will most probably want to have their own boots. And don’t forget, you are making commission on all sales.

The only part which needs regular maintenance is the elastic bands, the so called t-springs. They need to be replaced every 60-80 hours of use.

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