You’re thinking about a career in the fitness industry. But you have lots of nagging questions:

  • “How would I even begin?”
  • “Where would I get the necessary training?”
  • “Who would show me what to do–and not to do”?
  • “How can I avoid failing?”

What you can expect when
you jump on board with Fit Boots:

World-Class Training

We offer basic aerobics instruction, plus training in how to lead rebound workshops, and specialized classes (live or online) . . . you’ll be ready to offer Fit Boots classes that are safe. up-to-date, and fun!

Industry-Best Support

We provide marketing materials, social media flyers, music, and more. Plus you’ll enjoy access to our exclusive Facebook instructor community!

Relentless Promotion

As a certified Fit Boots instructor, you’ll be listed on our official website. And we’ll feature you on our social media platforms. Our goal is to see you win!

Continuing Education

We offer mini-seminars and workshops so that you can continue to grow in your knowledge and skills. Our team will push you succeed.

Great Discounts & Commissions

You’ll save on all our products, and you’ll make a commission on each item you sell!

We make it easy to help others and spread good vibes:


Schedule a consult to see if being a Fit Boots instructor is right for you. If so, the next step is to . . .


We’ll teach you everything you need to know so you are set up for success! After that, it’s time to…


Begin a brand new career in the fitness industry–and help others discover that fitness can actually be fun!

My husband and I were both half marathon runners and at the age of 60 we tried Fit Boots, we were hooked, we hung up our runners and purchased our own boots . We have never looked back, we spend an hour 6 times a week investing in our health doing what we love, - bouncing, we even became instructors…we highly recommend it.

Cheryl Evenden

Becoming an Instructor was a dream that I thought would never come true in such a short time bouncing for only a year prior , but here I am! The body achieves what the mind believes.” Start believing in yourself and you will make it happen just like I did.

Shelby Austin