• Your Fit Boots can last for long long years with proper maintenance.
  • The only part that needs regular maintenance is the elastic bands. They need to be replaced after about 80 hours of use. If it’s not done in timely manner, it can put too much pressure on the shells and break them.
  • Wash your liners in a regular cycle once in a while.
  • Maintain your boots before they need it, not after they break. Wipe them off after use, spray inside with disinfectant, let the liners dry between uses, and if you wear them outdoors (especially in grass, dirt, or sand), take them apart and clean where the parts meet.
  • There are recommended intervals for changing different parts of the boots, so check the instructions that came with them. If you don’t use yours very hard (more aerobics than power jumping, more dancing than distance running), you can probably go longer than suggested on the original parts. If you use the living daylights out of them (run on sand, fully flatten the shells when you jump, etc.), you probably want to order the spare parts and have them ready.
  • When you do replace any part on your boots, even the liner, give yourself time to adjust. Just as a new car should be driven more gently for the first couple hundred miles, so should your new shells or t-springs. Expect things to feel different than they did before the switch, and be aware of your body so that the boots are getting broken in.

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